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Boost Confidence & More! Why You Should Travel Solo (At Least Once!) ✨

Solo Travelling is one of my favourite things to do and I think everyone should try solo travelling even if it's just once, it's a great opportunity to get to know ourselves better.

I was one of those people that was intimidate by the idea of travelling alone and never thought that I would do it since it was out of my comfort zone, until I was out in a situation where I had to do it. I met amazing people while traveling solo and had the best experiences and the memories are great.

This is a great opportunity to see the world and have a good time and meet new people from different countries, you can do what you want whenever you want, you have full freedom which in my opinion is one of the best things.


10 Benefits Of Travelling Solo

1. Build & Increase Your Confidence

Building and increasing confidence is an ongoing process, the more you travel solo, the more you get to know yourself and the more your confidence increases. Depending on yourself while travelling solo will show you how capable you are which builds your confidence.

Even you are shy or you think you don't have enough confidence to travel alone, just do it trust me. As I mentioned I hated the idea of travelling alone, but after my first solo trip, I love it.

2. Build Your Own Itinerary

When travelling with someone else, you have to agree on a lot of things to make it a trip that you enjoy, and with that you might end up not going to some places that you want to go to because the other(s) don't want to.

When traveling solo, you build your own itinerary, you don't have to take a second opinion you just plan it by yourself and get to do what you want.

This is my favourite thing about solo travelling, even though travelling solo requires a lot of pre-planning, but you get to prioritise the things you want to do and the places you want to visit.

3. Learn Problem-Solving Skills

I'm not going to lie, when travelling solo you might face a lot of obstacles or problems, this happened to me more than once, but I learned how to solve those problems, because it's just you and you don't have someone else to do that.

This might seem scary, but you only have yourself and your mind and this will sharpen your problem-solving skills.

Also, when travelling solo you are free from all the voices that surround you such as friends and family, and this leads to you being able to think clearly and make the right decisions.

4. Learn More About Yourself

You might think that you know yourself really well, I mean of course you would think that, but if you have never been out of your comfort zone, then there are things that you still need to discover about yourself.

Solo travelling gets you out of your comfort zone most of the time which leads you to learning more about yourself, and this is great. For me, travelling solo taught me how much I love to spent time by myself, how much I love my freedom, and how independent I am.

5. Meet New People

If you travel with your family or your friends, then it is harder to meet new people, but when travelling on your own this become easier. I have met a lot of people when I traveled solo, now you can do that by staying in hostels, going on walking tours or signing up for activities, there are a lot of ways to meet new people as a solo traveler, I mean I have met new people by simply going up to them in the streets, but my point is that it is easier to do so when your are travelling solo.

If you want to enjoy your solo trip with other people as well, I would suggest going on a guided tour! Sometimes I like to explore by myself, and other times I like the company of others, I would always go on guided tour which is the easiest way to meet others and make new friends. You can book your guided tour either through my favourite which is GetYourGuide, or Viator.

6. Enjoy Your Own Company

Now as I mentioned, it is easier to meet people when travelling solo which is good if you don't want to be completely alone when travelling, but there are trips where I just wanted to spend time alone, which is fine.

When travelling solo, you get to choose if you want to spend time by yourself or you want to meet new people. For the times you are alone, you will learn to enjoy and appreciate your own company. You get to relax and free your mind and just be there, which is the best thing you can do.

7. Learn To Take Smart Risks

I love taking risks, and while travelling solo you will find yourself taking more risks than you usually do. Don't be scared to take risks, but be smart about it, and the more you travel solo, the more you are able to take smart risks.

8. Learn To Depend On Yourself

It is a no brainer than when travelling solo, you only have yourself to depend on, it might be scary at first but you learn to be better at it the more you travel. Even you are not travelling, you find that you depend on yourself more and more and don;'t have to rely or depend on someone else, because you get used to do so.

9. Become Flexible

When travelling solo, you can face a lot of changes during your trip, but you learn to be flexible when that happen. It happened to me a lot, I would plan a trip and then changes happen all of a sudden but I am able to be flexible and don't let that ruin my trip. I mean I missed a bus once before and ended up having to stay in a place unexpectedly, I had tours get canceled 5 mins before but I make other plans at the same time. You learn to be more flexible the more you travel.

10. Gain A New Perspective

Travelling gives you a new way to perceive life, when travelling you get to meet new people, get to know new cultures, experience new things, and much more. All those things gives you a new perspective on life and might even redefine your meaning of life. Don't be scared to travel solo more often, it changed the way I view life and also made me a better person.

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