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My 2 Days Solo Trip to Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Luxembourg scenery.

Luxembourg is a small European country located between Belgium, Germany and France. Prior to my trip I didn't really hear much about the country and didn't even cross my mind to visit it. At the time I was living in Madrid and I had less than a week before I was going to Portugal, and I wanted to spend a few days somewhere else but didn't know where to go, so I started looking for countries in Europe that are small and one's that I can easily go to. While looking I came across Luxembourg, and if you look for it on the map you would find that it is really small with a population of around 600,000.

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I'm not gonna lie, I didn't really have any expectations for this trip I was simply looking for a place to spend a few days there and that's it. I booked my plane two days before the trip, my flight was on a Friday morning and I returned to Madrid on Sunday morning. Usually before going to a country I would look up places to visit to have a general plane of what I could do there, but for this trip I didn't look up anything I just went with no plans at all. I booked a nice and small Airbnb and that's it.

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On Friday morning I went to the airport, the flight was short from Madrid to Luxembourg, the weather was also really nice as we were in August. When I go somewhere I like to use public transportation cause I feel like it's easier to move around any city that way and also I can explore better. Getting out of the airport there were the buses and next to then the ticket machines, I stood by one to try and book a ticket before getting on the bus but I failed miserably. After spending 5 minutes in front of the machine I found out that public transportation there is free! You simply just get on the bus or train and that's it, you don't have to pay at all.

It felt so weird getting on the bus without paying, but their transportation is really nice and clean as well, and giving that they have a small population; the country wasn't crowded at all. Luxembourg is mostly rural with a lot of natural parks and dense Ardennes forest mostly in the north. In the southeast there's a river valley called the Moselle, and in the eats there's the rocky gorges of the Mullerthal. They have three official languages which are German, French and Luxembourgish, and luckily for me I speak french so it was easy for me to communicate but most people there speak English as well.

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I have to say I have never been to a country this quiet, it's so peaceful and the view is beautiful. I made it to the street where my Airbnb was which was easy to get to since there was a bus stop right next to it. The street was so long and literally empty, there was no one at all, it mostly parked cars, but I really loved the buildings.

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Streets of Luxembourg.

I have to say I have never been to a country this quiet, it's so peaceful and the view is beautiful. I made it to the street where my Airbnb was which was easy to get to since there was a bus stop right next to it. The street was so long and literally empty, there was no one at all, it mostly parked cars, but I really loved the buildings.

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I continued walking until I made it to the Airbnb, I waited outside the building cause the landlord informed me that there was someone before me there and the cleaning lady was there so I had to wait a bit since I was early and the check-in was at 14:00, so I walked a bit until I found a restaurant and I ate there. After eating I made it to the Airbnb and turned out that there was no one there and that the guest had left a day early and the cleaning lady had cleaned the place the day before, I didn't mind since I was there before the check-in but the landlord apologised and refunded me a part of the money I paid for it, which I refused since I didn't have to wait beyond the check-in time but he insisted. He was really friendly and the Airbnb was really nice.

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I left the Airbnb and went on a walk, and I have to say the country is so beautiful and magical, and the architectural buildings are beautiful. I walked for a few hours and then I went to a supermarket to buy some food items before heading back to the Airbnb. I spend the few days there walking and exploring, I usually like to take a lot of photos when I visit a place but for some reason I was so distracted by the beauty of the country that I didn't take that many photos, I was simply taking it all in.

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Nature in Luxembourg.


How to Get to Luxembourg

It is easy to reach Luxembourg, their international airport gets flights from all over Europe, so if you are outside Europe then you would have to transit in an another European country then head to Luxembourg.

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How to Move Around Luxembourg

Once you make it to Luxembourg then it is easy to move around the country as Luxembourg offers free transportation! I was amazed by that when I visited, but of course this was expected from the richest country in Europe. Luxembourg started offering free transport for all since March 2020.

You can use the buses and the tram, but if you love cycling then you will love Luxembourg. As cycling is the national sport of Luxembourg, the biking routes are great and extensive, and you can easily rent a bike from hotels or tourist offices.

You can also use the Hop-On Hop-Off bus to make it easier to move around Luxembourg if you want.

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