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Portugal Diary: Day 2 - Sintra & Cascais šŸ‡µšŸ‡¹

So after Day 1 in Portugal has ended, I woke up the next day early in the morning ready for my day trip to Sintra, I booked half a day there since I wanted to spend the rest of the day in Lisbon. I went to the bus company's office to register first as they told me the day before, and I have to mention that the weather was not great that day, it was raining and cloudy and a little bit cold as well even though we were in August.

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Now Sintra is a resort town on top of Portugal's Sintra mountains near Lisbon, so it is easy to get there from Lisbon. Once I arrived at the bus company's office to register they informed me that I was the only one who booked a trip for Sintra only and everyone else there booked for both Sintra & Cascais, and so they asked me whether I wanted to switch without having to pay anything extra but it will then be a full day and not half a day. I accepted this since I really didn't have specific plans.

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If you google Sintra you will be able to see how colourful it is and how beautiful, and I though I would be able to enjoy the nice weather there and take a nice few pictures. Sadly all my plans went wrong, it was cold, and it kept raining all day, that being said I still enjoyed the day. We got to the National Palace of Pena, took a tour inside and enjoyed learning about the history of the place, we were supposed to go to other places but because of the terrible weather we didn't, instead we were told to just wander around and have brunch and buy souvenirs and then meet in two hours to go to Cascais.

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I walked around a bit since it stopped raining, then I found a cafe and went there to have a meal, then found a place were I bough some really nice souvenirs. Sintra is quite small so it is easy to walk around and explore. After the two hours we all met and then headed to Cascais, and that's when the weather got even worse! It was now really cold and we were walking around Cascais and trying to enjoy the scenery as much as possible but it was so gloomy and cloudy and that can be shown in the two photos that I managed to take during this trip.

Then after walking around a bit we went to Cabo Da Roca, which marks the most westerly point of mainland Europe. These windswept cliffs and barren lands were believed to be the edge of the world up until the 14th century, and even today the region possesses a remote and untamed atmosphere.

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After that, we went back to Lisbon and I still had a few hours left before sunset, so I took the hop-on and hop-off bus again to continue exploring for the remaining time until I made it back to my Airbnb tired and exhausted, and I have to wake up early the next day since I was going to Aveiro. Now even though this day might seem sad and not enjoyable, I still enjoyed it because I got to see new places and got to meet new people so it is still a win in my books, but for sure in the future I will go back again but maybe this time I would do it when the weather is actually nice.

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How to Get to Sintra & Cascais

To get to Sintra you can take a train from Lisbon's Rossio station, you can find a train that departs every 20 minutes from there, and the train ride only takes 40 minutes. Keep in mind that on Sundays the train leave every 1 hour instead. A one-way ticket from Lisbon to Sintra costs 2.25ā‚¬ and it can be easily bought from a machine or a ticket booth or counter.

To get to Cascais you can take the train from Lisbon which takes around 30 minutes. Train leaves every 10 minutes so make sure to book your ticket at the station and hop-on as there is no seat reservation.

If you are looking for an easy, quick, and reliable way to reach Sintra or Cascais by train or bus, then Omio is your best option! Omio are my favourite app/website to move around Europe, and they have been changing the world of travel by empowering customers to go on journeys that move them. Their pioneering and practical platform helps travellers worldwide explore Europe, the United States and Canada via train, bus, flight and ferry. Choosing them means saving time and money while loving the journey youā€™re on.

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How to Move Around Sintra

Once you arrive in Sintra, there are two bus lines that pass by the palaces and castles, these are line 434 and line 435. You will need to decide which bus line to take prior based on the sites you want to visit. If you are going on a day trip from Lisbon where you will spend half a day, then chose one bus line, but if you plan on staying longer then you can take both to explore more sites.

You can buy bus tickets at the bus itself or at the train station, buses run every 15-20 minutes starting from 9:15 am. You can return on a hop-on hop-off bus which would cost 6.90ā‚¬.

Line 434

Train Station - National Palace ā€“ Moorish Castle ā€“ Natural History Museum ā€“ Pena Palace

Line 435

Train Station ā€“ National Palace ā€“ Quinta Da Regaleira ā€“ Seteais Palace ā€“ Monserrate Palace


How to Move Around Cascais

Once you reach Cascais you can explore on foot, there is no need for transportation inside Cascais, but if you love cycling then you can explore Cascais cycling. If you are arriving in Cascais by car then you will easily find a lot of suitable parking spots and continue exploring on foot.

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