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10 Top Things to Know Before Visiting France + Cultural Do’s & Don’ts🇫🇷

France welcomes more tourists than most countries in the world, and this should not come as a surprise. People dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower, never-ending baguettes, delicious croissants, colourful macarons, and many more things. You will find stunning beaches, art museums, snow-capped Alps including Europes’s tallest peak. If France isn't on your bucket list, it should be.

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​1. How to Get Your Visa for France

​3. Cultural Do's & Don’ts

​2. How to Get to France

​4. 10 Top Things to Know Before Visiting France

How to Get Your Visa for France

You can get the visa by going to the embassy, or visiting the official website, or getting it with an agency like iVisa. iVisa provides 100% online travel documents such as: Visas, health declaration forms, embassy registrations, passport photos, passport renewals, tourist cards, and other travel documents. It is the simplest solution to process your travel visa.

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How to Get to France

France’s biggest airports are Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, Nice, and Lyon Saint Exupéry. So you will not struggle to find flights to France. I like to use Omio to find either buses or trains in Europe, and if I am looking for a flight I would use WayAway to find cheap flights. You can also use this promo code - TP-385219 - for WayAway Plus or you can directly visit this link! (You will get 10% off WayAway Plus subscription!)

Cultural Do's & Don’ts

5 Do’s

  • Learn French: French people like to engage in their language, and they will certainly appreciate you making an effort to learn even a few words and sentences. If you speak in English away, people will not help you even if they do speak English. So make an effort an learn the basics of French in order to communicate with people there.

  • Say “Bonjour”: Once you enter a store or a restaurant or any place really, always start with greetings before asking a question, and also don't forget to say “Au Revoir” when leaving.

  • Dress appropriately: Do not wear shorts, flip flops, and running shows when moving around France, this is not appropriate, these things are for the beach or for running, so dress appropriately.

  • Hang onto your tickets: If you do take the metro, tram, bus, or any other method of transport, make sure to hang onto your ticket at all times because they can be checked by the police at any time, and always remember to validate your ticket once you get onto the method of transport.

  • Learn the history: French people appreciate it when you demonstrate some knowledge in their history, as they take great pride in their culture and history, so make an effort to learn a few things.

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5 Don’ts

  • Use “tu”: When addressing someone you just met or even someone older than you, you need to use “Vous” instead of “Tu”, this is the respectful way of addressing them.

  • Drink coffee when walking: If you want to drink a coffee, then go to a cafe and drink it there, do not get one on the go and drink it while walking.

  • Rush your meal: Do not ever rush your meals, French people always take their time and enjoy it when it comes to meals or coffee. So take at least two hours to savour it.

  • Ask personal questions: Avoid asking questions related to someone’s age, religion, sexual orientation, and things along that line. These things are private and you shouldn't just ask about them.

  • Drink before everyone has been served: If you are out with other people, do not drink or take a sip before everyone else has been serve on your table.

10 Top Things to Know Before Visiting France

1. It is Not Just Paris

If you want to visit France because of Paris, that's great, but there are other beautiful cities and places in France that you can visit. France doesn't begin or end in Paris, so it is important to explore the rest of France to understand the culture and its history more.

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2. Visit During the Off-Season

I always recommend visiting countries during their off-season because it is less crowded, it is also cheaper, and you get to enjoy the country to the fullest without the huge crowd. So, be aware that July and August are the busiest months, so try to avoid them, you can visit in June or September where the weather is still nice but it is not that crowded.

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3. Cash

First things first, getting cash from the ATM is cheaper than exchanging currencies, so be aware of that, and also always carry cash with you because cash is not accepted everywhere. Also, make sure that your card will work in France, so contact your bank first before travelling to France or any other country in general.

4. Keep Your ID with You

Always keep some form of ID with you such as your National Security Number or your passport. A driver’s license or any other form of identification will not suffice. This is also an important tip for travelling in general.

5. The French Aren't Rude Unless You Are

So the French has a bit of a reputation that they are rude, but here's the thing, they aren't rude unless you are. So for example, if you want to ask for something always try by greeting them in French to show some effort and then you can speak in English if you want, but show effort in speaking their language and they will be helpful.

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6. Smoking is Allowed

Unlike most countries around the world, smoking is still fashionable in France in public areas. So do not be surprised when you see people smoking in public places such as cafes, restaurants, or even when walking or waiting in a queue.

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7. Keep Your Voice Down

Always speak with a low tone, do not raise you voice as it will be considered rude and inappropriate.

8. Stick to Meal Times

If you do not stick to meal times in France, then you may not eat at all. French people won't budge when it comes to meal times, so you need to know them and respect them if you want to eat.

9. You Pay When Using the Toilets

When you are in most train stations or stores, and you want to use the toilet, you will have to pay a nominal fee of around €0.35. So always be aware of that and carry change with you in case you need to use the toilet.

10. Sundays Are for Families

The Country basically comes to a standstill on Sundays, because this day is considered to be a family day, where everyone gets together, so do not expect to find stores open. Even though in some parts of the country this is changing as you might find a few stores open, but do not count on it.

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