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Essential Tips For Travelling To Egypt: 15 Things To Know + Cultural Do’s & Don’ts 🇪🇬

Egypt is a magical country full of history, and it is a must visit. Discovering this land of mystery, and the ancient templates and artefacts is a unique experience that is a must at least once in your lifetime. Egypt also has beautiful white beaches and reefs on the red sea that are also a must.


15 Top Things To Know Before Visiting Egypt

1. Tipping Is Expected

Tipping is expected everywhere in Egypt, and this is not just for tourists. Egyptians in general give tips, so it is always expected. If you are at a restaurant or a cafe for example, you should tip the waiter/waitress, and in most public toilets there will be an attendant that keeps it clean, so it is good to tip before or after using the toilets. It doesn't have to be a huge tip, it can be a small amount like EGP 10 or EGP 20. Also, be aware that most things are not for free, so if you take a photo with a camel for example. you are expected to give a tip. But a general tip, is to be prepared to tip a lot!

2. It Is Better To Not Visit In The Summer

The weather in Egypt between May and August is hot, like really hot, so try to avoid visiting during this time as it would be unbearable and also, most sites have limited shade so you will be standing in the sun most of the time. The best time to visit Egypt is between September and April, it is still summer in September and October but the heat is not as bad.

3. You Can Visit During Ramadan

Every thing is normal during Ramadan, you don't need to avoid visiting during this time of the year. Opening hours may change, but everything works normally and tourist sites are not affected.

4. Dress Modestly

Even though there is no dress code, but it is respectful to dress modestly in most cities in Egypt. In cities such as Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria, you should dress modestly, but in other cities such as Aswan, Luxor, and cities near the red sea, this shouldn't be a concern.

5. Leave You Drone At Home

The use of drones is prohibited in Egypt unless you obtain a license from the Ministry of Defence. It is not worth the hassle as you your drone will get confiscated at the airport and you might risk penalties if you use one.

6. It Is Easy To Get Visa Upon Arrival Or Online

Many nationalities can get their visa upon arrival, make sure to do your research before visiting to know if you can do that. Visa costs $25 and it is paid in cash at the airport just before passport control. The officer will add the visa to your passport and stamp it, and that's it. So, if you are from the US, Canada, European Union, and many other countries, you can simply book your flight and don't need to worry about the visa. Or you can choose to get it online which would be a lot easier and hassle free.

→ Get your online visa here from iVisa!

7. Don't Drink The Tap Water

Do not drink the tap water in Egypt! It is not safe to do so, use bottled water or you can get a bottle that has a filter to avoid using plastic water bottles.

8. Don't Rent A Car

As an Egyptian, I do not recommend renting a car to move around Egypt. It is chaotic to drive in Egypt, it is very different than most countries so you will struggle to drive in Egypt. You can easily use services such as Uber and Careem as they are cheap, and you can also take a taxi in places where Uber isn't available.

9. Use Cash

Most places only accepts cash in Egypt, so make sure to have cash on you in case you are somewhere a card isn't accepted. Most tourists places have a credit card machine so you should be fine, but in general you will need cash to pay for other things and also for tipping. You will find ATM machines everywhere so you will be able to withdraw money whenever you need. Be sure to know the ATM limit set by your bank that allows you to withdraw in a day!

10. Buy A SIM Card At The Airport Or Get An E-SIM

It is better to get a SIM card from the airport, you will find a service provider at the airport such as Orange, where you can buy a SIM that is relatively cheap. All you need to do is show your passport and you're good to go.

If you want to save time and avoid the hassle, you can definitely get an e-sim through either Airalo or DrimSim, which is the easiest thing to do because all you need to do is download the app and simply activate it once your reach Egypt or any other destination. This is the best way to avoid and solve the pain of high roaming bills. DrimSim also offers the option to get a physical sim card that is not tied to any operator so you can activate it in any country you want.

11. Discounts On Entry For Children & Students

At most tourists sites such as museums, temples, tombs, and more, you will find a discounted tickets for children and for students as long as they show their student ID.

12. Photography Passes

In most tourists sites you will need a photography pass if you are taking photos with a camera or any gear other than your phone. You can ask before entering any site but most probably it will be written at the entrance. Also, be aware that there are some places where photos are prohibited even with your phone.

13. Security Checks

Be aware that there will be many security checks as you enter tourists sites, as well as hotels and malls where you will have to go through security. You will put your bags on the x-ray machine, and you will walk through a metal detector. Similar to airport security but not as rigorous. Also, don't be alarmed by the military and police presence in most tourists sites or when you walk along the streets, they are there to protect you and protect the sites. It is completely safe to visit Egypt so don't be scared.

14. Book A Tour With A Reputable Company

If you are planing to travel with a company and not by yourself, then make sure to book a tour with a reputable company. Booking a private tour would probably be your best option.

15. Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown

Lastly, get ready to have your mind blown by Egypt's history and landmarks. I would recommend reading about Egypt's mythology and familiarising yourself with the chronology of Egypt's history prior to your trip.


Cultural Do's & Don'ts

13 Do's

  • Learn a few words in Arabic: I always recommend learning a few words in the local language whenever you are traveling, locals appreciate it even if you only know a few words.

  • Spend time chatting with people: We are known for our great sense of humour, as well as hospitality and kindness, so it is always great to spend time chatting with locals.

  • Don't be scare to ask your guide when you don't understand something: If you are not sure about something, just ask, most Egyptian will be happy to help you.

  • It is better to stay in central Cairo: If you want a hotel near the Pyramids, it is fine if you don't want to visit any other sites, but the Pyramids are far from other sites, so it is better to stay somewhere else.

  • Dress modestly: In cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, it is better to dress modestly, there is no dress code but you will get looked at which is unpleasant.

  • No public display of affection: This is looked down upon as it is unacceptable in Egypt since it is a muslim country.

  • Ask more than one person for direction: Not going to lie, you can't trust one person to give you the right directions, Egyptian are kind and always want to help, but they are not always right, so ask at least three people for directions.

  • Ask for help when crossing the street: It is difficult to cross the street in most place in Egypt, don't be scared to ask for help, locals would be happy to help you.

  • Ask taxis for fares before going anywhere: If you use Uber or Careem then you're fine, but if you take taxis, then you need to ask for the fare before going anywhere and check if the meter is working or not , but I would recommend to use Uber or Careem as they are cheap and better.

  • Carry small change and coins: Always have cash with you as you would want to buy something from a place where there isn't credit card machines, so you will need cash for that as well as for tipping.

  • Leave tips: In restaurants, cafes, and most places, it is better to tip, this isn't just for tourists, Egyptian in general tend to tip and it is expected to do so.

  • Bargain when buying a souvenir: Never accept the first price when buying something from from the local markets, you need to bargain.

  • Respect signs: When visiting temples and other sites, make sure to read the signs. In some places, it is prohibited to take photos even with your phone, as this can be damaging to the artefacts.

10 Don'ts

  • Don't think about renting a car: It is chaotic and hard to drive in Egypt, so don't even thing about doing it, and also services like Uber and Careem are cheap and better to use.

  • Don't wear shorts and tank tops: As mentioned, you need to dress modestly in most cities.

  • Don't talk to people who approaches you: People will approach you in public places to offer you a service, decline their offer politely and be firm when saying no because they will keep asking you.

  • Don't drink the tap water: It is not safe to do, drink from bottled water, or you will find water filters at some hotels and you can drink from them.

  • Don't drink alcohol in the street: As a muslim country, alcohol is not socially acceptable, so you can still drink alcohol at bars or some restaurants and cafes, but otherwise, don't drink anywhere else.

  • Don't take photos of locals without their permission: It is not respectful to do so anywhere in the world, but especially in Egypt.

  • Don't visit mosques during prayer time: It is not respectful to do so unless you are a muslim and you are going to pray there.

  • Don't get intimidated by market vendors: Market vendors will try to get you to buy from them, don't get intimidated and as mentioned if you are going to buy then make sure to bargain.

  • Don't pet street dogs and cats: Don't do it unless you are vaccinated and not afraid of being bitten or scratched.

  • Don't use drones: It is prohibited unless you have a license from the Ministry of Defence.


What To Do Before Travelling To Egypt

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🔒 Choose Insurance

Ensure peace of mind during your trip to Egypt by having comprehensive coverage against any unforeseen circumstances.


How To Get To Egypt

Egypt has many international airports that you can arrive to, here is a list of these airports:

  • Cairo International Airport

  • Hurghada International Airport

  • Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

  • Luxor International Airport

  • Alexandria International Airport


How To Move Around Egypt

It is so easy to move around Egypt without renting a car, also a tip; do not rent a car because driving in Egypt is so chaotic and exhausting. You can easily find trains and buses to move from one city to another, and you can also find planes if you want to since there is a quite a few airports. For buses I really like Blue Bus since it is the most clean and comfy one available, but if you are on a budget; you can still find cheaper buses such as Go Bus or The Super Jet. You can also use both Uber & Careem to move within each city, but be aware that they are not available in some areas so you can use public transportation.


Best Time To Visit Egypt

Egypt has a great weather nearly all year round, but it gets pretty cold during winter which is actually short since it would typically be from December/January until March/April. Be aware that during this time is the low season so things would be cheaper at that time. The best time to visit Egypt in general is between October and April, but if you are looking for a nice and warm weather, then it is best to visit in October, November, and April. You can of course visit Egypt during the summer, but it gets really hot during that time and it is also high season so things will be more expensive.


Accommodations In Egypt

Egypt has a wide range of accommodations available that would suit each budget, you can find a lot of hotels whether you want something luxurious or on a budget. You can also find hostels around Egypt if you really are on a budget, as well as some great Airbnbs.

You can book your accommodation through, which is the one I use the most, or if you wan to stay in a hostel you can book through HostelWorld. You can also use Agoda, Trivago, or Vrbo to book your accommodations. I know most people have a favourite website or app to use, so just choose what you prefer best.



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