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10 Essential Tips For An Amazing Solo Travel Experience ✨

Solo Travelling is one of my favourite things to do and I think everyone should try solo travelling even if it's just once, it's a great opportunity to get to know ourselves better.

I was one of those people that was intimidate by the idea of travelling alone and never thought that I would do it since it was out of my comfort zone, until I was out in a situation where I had to do it. I met amazing people while traveling solo and had the best experiences and the memories are great.

This is a great opportunity to see the world and have a good time and meet new people from different countries, you can do what you want whenever you want, you have full freedom which in my opinion is one of the best things.


10 Tips On How To Enjoy Travelling Solo

1. Love Your Own Company

I used to hate going to restaurants and cafes and sit at a table and eat alone, but since I started solo travelling, I started enjoying it. I know it is scary at first, but I started enjoying the silence and just being by myself, of course you need to socialise at times, but most of the time when you are travelling solo you will find yourself sitting by yourself, and you will learn to love your own company the more you travel solo.

If you fee like you need to have internet to survive, then it would be best to get a travel SIM card or an E-SIM, and you can do that through either Airalo or DrimSim.

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2. Visualise The Trip You Want

The best trips I have planned where solo trip, because I get to create the itinerary that I want, I don't have to think of what others might like or might not like, you only have to thing of yourself. If you are travelling with other people, you have to make plans that suits all of you and might end up not doing the things that you want or even doing things you don't want. I love planning a trip, and when I travel solo it is easier and not stressful at all, so a great thing is that you get to choose how you want to spend your trip.

3. Learn To Chat With Strangers

As long as I am not alone, I usually never chat with strangers, because to be honest when you are out with other people, then there is no need to chat to strangers. When you are travelling solo, you might see someone that you want to chat to, now you might think that this is scary and that you won't do this, but for some reason when I am alone I go up to strangers and chat to them easily, I have met a lot of people that way. For some reason; people tend to be approachable when they are alone, and the more you travel solo, the more comfortable you will be chatting with strangers.

If you want to learn the basics of the country’s language you are visiting, which in my opinion is the best thing you can do, because locals appreciate it, then you can use Ling to learn a new language! I am not saying you need to be fluent, I am simply saying that you need to know your hellos, goodbyes, and than yous at least, and Ling would be one of the good options for you.

4. Don't Over Plan

Never over plan when you are travelling solo, you are likely to meet people and end up hanging out with them, so you need to have time to do so. The most enjoyable trips for me where the ones where I ended up meeting other people and ended up doing a lot of spontaneous things. I'm not saying to not plan at all, I'm saying to not over plan and have some free time just in case, as you need to be flexible. You will learn to not over plan the more you travel solo.

5. Be Patient

Not going to lie, sometimes things don't go as planned, I booked trips before that got canceled or something wrong went, the more you travel solo, the more you become patient and calm about everything.

6. Be Flexible

As I mentioned, you will learn to not over plan your trips the more you travel solo, but even if you have plans, you will learn to become more flexible, you might meet people and decide to hang out with them, or you might arrive at your destination and decide to change plans, a lot of things can happen and you will learn to become more flexible with time.

7. Eat Locally

In my opinion, the best thing about travelling is food, I love to eat locally and try new dishes, and the more you travel solo, the more you will find this to be enjoyable and you will find your self inclined to do that. Also, when you eat locally you will be saving money as it will be cheaper to do so.

Want to enjoy a local meal with a local? Then EatWith should be your choice! EatWith is the largest global community for authentic culinary experiences with passionate locals worldwide. EatWith connects travellers and locals with hosts in over 130 countries, providing unique, intimate, and immersive experiences in private homes and exclusive venues.

Each of EatWith hosts is hand-selected by their team, and offers a huge diversity of culinary experiences - from a seat at a dinner party in an elegant Parisian home, to enjoy an Italian feast with a Roman family, taking part in an authentic cooking class in Tokyo, or marvelling at the Manhattan skyline over a rooftop brunch!

From home cooks and food lovers to MasterChefs and Michelin-starred chefs, their hosts share a special ingredient: a passion for bringing people together through food. EatWith guests leave the table having discovered new cultures, cuisines and friends - it’s really the original social network!

8. Take In Local Events

If you are travelling solo, you will want to meet people and make new friends, the best way to do that is taking in local events, whenever you are travelling; you will find at least one local event to go to. This is also a great way to meet local people, but make sure you speak a little bit of the local language for a better experience.

9. Go On Day Tours

Day tours are my favourite things to do whenever travelling solo, you get to know the culture of the country you are traveling to and also you get to meet people. I like to book day tours through GetYourGuide.

If you want to enjoy your solo trip with other people as well, I would suggest going on a guided tour! Sometimes I like to explore by myself, and other times I like the company of others, I would always go on guided tour which is the easiest way to meet others and make new friends. You can book your guided tour either through my favourite which is GetYourGuide, or Viator.

10. Take Classes

If you are staying for a few weeks, then you should take classes, any type of classes as long as it is something you enjoy of course. You will be inclined to take classes if you stay for a long time in a place, you get to learn something and meet people as well, and most of the time they will be local people as well which is always nice.


What To Do Before Travelling Anywhere

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🔒 Choose Insurance

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