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Prague Travel Guide: 10 Hidden Gems to Visit in Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the home of the biggest castles in the world. Prague is a charming city, it is my favourite place I ever been to and I'm planning on visiting again. A three days trip is great to explore everything there is in the city of Prague, you can stay more if you want, but three days is great to not feel rushed and relax. Also, you can do a 2 days trip and cram everything in just two days, I did that and I still enjoyed it and it wasn't rushed.


​1. How to Get Your Visa for the Czech Republic

​5. Best Time to Visit Prague

​2. 10 Hidden Gems in Prague

​6. Accommodations in Prague

​3. How to Get to Prague

​7. Best Cafes & Restaurants in Prague

​4. How to Move Around Prague

How to Get Your Visa for the Czech Republic

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10 Hidden Gems in Prague

1. Dancing House

This is one of the most eye catching buildings in the world, this weird twisted building named the dancing house, it was a collaboration between a Czech and Canadian architect. It symbolises yin and yang; or in this situation, the coming together of communism and democracy. You can get to the top of the building, there is a bar at the top, all you have to do is get a drink to go out on the terrace and enjoy the beautiful view.

2. Petřín Hill

You can go on a picnic or a hike on the Petřín Hill, it is so nice and calm to enjoy, and also you can get a great view of Prague while hiking. There are a few restaurants and cafes in that area, so you can enjoy the view while having a meal or a drink.

3. Petřín Lookout Tower

Located at the top of the Petřín Hill is the Petřín Lookout Tower, it resembles the Eiffel Tower and was used as an observation tower as well as a transmission tower. The views were amazing from up there, you could see the whole city.

4. The Vrtba Garden

The Vrtba Garden is one of the many High Baroque gardens in Prague, and the Vrtba Garden is located between Petřín Hill & my favourite neighbourhood Malá Strana. It is open everyday from 10:00 until 19:00, and tickets costs €5.

5. Letná Park

Letná Park is this large park that is located on Letná Hill that is built on a plateau above steep embankments along the Vltava River. Letná Park’s location provides an amazing view since it is elevated. The park is open 24/7 so you can visit any time and escape the city to spend time quiet time in nature.

6. Malá Strana

Malá Strana also known as Lesser Town, this is a neighbourhood in Prague. Malá Strana is a hillside area with views across the Vltava river to the old town. Hotels, casual eateries and traditional pubs line its narrow streets. This is one of my favourite places in Prague, you can enjoy an afternoon wall in that area and enjoy it. You can visit the stunning Waldstein garden for free, and the gardens below Prague Castle for €2.

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7. Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is located in Malá Strana, that wall has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti, as well as lyrics from The Beatles' songs and designs relating to local and global causes. People scribbles messages to the late John Lennon on that wall.

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8. Waldstein Garden

Waldstein garden are located in my favourite neighbourhood in Prague which is Malá Strana, and this garden is a 17th-century garden at the Senate palace with baroque statues and ornamental pools. It is free to enter the garden, and it is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 until 19:00, and on Saturday & Sunday it is open from 09:00 until 19:00.

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9. The Gardens Below Prague Castle

The Gardens Below Prague Castle are located once again in my favourite neighbourhood in Prague which is Malá Strana, I know I keep mentioning Malá Strana a lot but it is actually the best neighbourhood in Prague, it is beautiful and quiet as well so you will enjoy spending time there and wandering around. The Gardens Below Prague Castle are open everyday from 10:00 until 19:00, and tickets costs €2.

10. Malá Strana Bridge Tower

The Malá Strana Bridge Tower is located in Malá Strana as the name suggests (Can you tell that Malá Strana is my favourite neighbourhood in Prague 😂?). This tower serves as the the entrance to Malá Strana from the Charles Bridge.

How to Get to Prague

It is easy to get to Prague as Václav Havel International Airport is a well connected airport, you can also reach Prague by train from cities such as Berlin, Budapest or Vienna. Buses can be found as well from other cities to Prague, I like to use Omio to find either buses or trains. If you are looking for cheap flights to get to Prague, then your best option would be to use WayAway. You can also use this promo code - TP-385219 - for WayAway Plus or you can directly visit this link! (You will get 10% off WayAway Plus subscription!)

How to Move Around Prague

Prague has great and affordable transportations spread across the city, you can take the tram, the metro, or the bus. Tickets need to be purchased according to the length of the journey, If you are staying in Prague for a few days; then a 3-day ticket is the best option, it costs 310 CZK or €11.5. If you will be using transportation just once then a 30 minute ticket is great and it costs 24 CZK or €0.90.

You can skip the transportation and explore Prague on foot, this is what I did and it was easy as most places are located near each other. You can also use Lime scooters to explore the city, this will be a fun way to do so.

I did a walking tour with a local that took 1.5 hours, and it was one of the best things! I really enjoyed it and it was really fun exploring Prague while being with a local that would tell you all these small details that you probably wouldn’t hear about. I booked this tour through GetYourGuide, and I highly recommend you start your trip to Prague with this tour, it’s a great starter.

Best Time to Visit Prague

The best time to visit the Czech Republic is between April and October, at that time the weather is nice, but be aware that it will be crowded during that time.

Accommodations in Prague

Prague offers accommodation for different budgets, so it will be easy to find a hotel, a hostel, or an Airbnb that suits your budget. The best area in Prague is Prague 1.

Best Cafes & Restaurants in Prague

  • MyRaw Cafe (A cosy raw vegan cafe and restaurant)

  • Crème de la Crème (The best ice cream & gelato, they have vegan options)

  • Forky’s (Vegan fast food)

  • Bistro Monk (A cute lunch spot)

  • Restaurace Mincovna (Old fashioned restaurant with delicious food in Old Town Square)

  • Da Antonio Dittrichova pizzeria (The best pizza in Prague)

  • Maitrea restaurace (Vegetarian restaurant)

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