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Travel Budget: 10 Best Tips on How to Save Money While Traveling

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

If you are travelling for a short period of time or during the weekend, then it shouldn't be an issue to save money during this trip, but if you are traveling for longer, then you will need a budget.

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1. Travel During Off-Season

During the high season, prices go up, so if you are trying to save money while travelling, then travel during the off-season. During the off-season, accommodation prices will not be that expensive and also tour prices might be at a discount, and also flight prices tend to be cheaper. Besides saving money, the best thing about traveling during the off-season, it will be less crowded.

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2. Eat Out Less

Eating out in most places in the world can become expensive especially if you are traveling for long, so instead try to cook or have more homemade meals. When travelling I prefer to stay in a Airbnb, that way it is easier to have breakfast there and then have lunch out, and then for dinner I sometimes eat out or cook. If you stay in a hotel, then most of them have breakfast included so that way you have a meal covered, and also if you stay in a hostel, sometimes they include breakfast.

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3. Travel to Places Where Your Home Currency Will Take You Farther

Do your research beforehand and see which country are cheap and which aren't, you can also compare your home currency to the place you are traveling to, and pick a country where your home currency can take you far. You would be surprised to find that you can travel to a lot of places.

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4. Don't Go Shopping

I know it might be tempting to go shopping whenever traveling, but trust me you don't need to. You will be wasting money that way because you will end up buying things you won't need. I travel with either a backpack or a carry-on, that way I don't have space for shopping, but you can of course buy souvenirs. Also, you don't need to buy gifts for your friends and family, it is not necessary, and most things you will buy will just collect dust. The best thing you can do is take photos, these are the best memories and souvenirs.

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5. Find Things to Do for Free

Walking is the best way to explore a place, and it is free to do. If you don't like walking, then you can find places that you can visit for free, all you have to do is research and you will find many places. But walking is the best thing, I enjoy my trips that way as I get to discover a lot of things that way.

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6. Use Public Transportation

Besides walking, you can use public transport if you can't walk somewhere, and that way you save money. I always use public transport whenever I travel and it is very convenient. My favourite public transport was in Luxembourg as they were very clean and also FREE! Yes public transport is free in Luxembourg which is a great thing since Luxembourg is an expensive country to travel to. In Europe in general, the train and metro are great and efficient.

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7. If It's Safe, Drink from the Tap Water

If you are traveling somewhere where the tap water is safe, then don't buy mineral water and just drink from the tap. I always have a reusable water bottle with me, so if the tap water if safe then I simply fill my water bottle.

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8. Buy Local Products

If you are going to buy a souvenir then look for locally made products or brands, also if you want to buy snacks for a train or a bus ride, then buy local products, these will be cheap and you will be able to save money that way. Another great way to save money, is go to the local market where you will be able to find fresh fruits and veggies and more.

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9. Stay in Hostels

If you want to save money on accommodation, then you can stay in a hostel. Be aware that not all hostels are cheap, so depending on the country you are visiting, do some research and make sure that the prices are cheap. Hostels are budget-friendly in general, and they also provide a cultural experience. You can look for hostels on Hostelworld and A Bonus tip, is that you can stay more than one night and that way it can be cheaper since you are more likely to get a discount that way.

Besides hostels, you can stay in an Airbnb as you can find some cheap ones depending on where you are traveling, and also you can rent an apartment if you are staying for long and this will also be cheap. There are some free ways to get accommodation, for example you can volunteer or you can babysit a house or a pet, and that way you get free accommodation.

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10. Do Your Research

Each country has specific rules and regulations, so doing your research before hand is important to avoid getting fined for something.

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