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Why You Should Visit Portugal: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Portugal🇵🇹

Updated: May 22

Portugal is one of my favourite countries to visit and it has become a famous travel destination in the recent years, Portugal has historic cities, world-renowned cuisine, natural landscapes, and spectacular beaches. The weather and the variety of landscapes is why you should visit, this is a great vacation location.

Check Why You Should Visit Portugal: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Portugal


​1. How to Get Your Visa for Portugal

3. How to Get to Portugal

2. 10 Reason Why You Should Visit Portugal

How to Get Your Visa for Portugal

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10 Reason Why You Should Visit Portugal

1. Ancient Castles

Portugal is filled with a lot of castles and it is the oldest country in Europe as well. The history has been preserved so you will feel like you are going back in time. Places like Guimarães where Portugal’s first king was born, and Coimbra which is the home to one of the oldest universities in the world, Lisbon with the amazing views from Castelo de São Jorge.

2. Picturesque Towns such as Sintra

You will find a lot of picturesque places in Portugal, such as Sintra which is know for its narrow roads and alleyways, it's palaces and gardens, and much more. If you love photography; then Portugal is the perfect place for you.

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3. Festivals

Every year in June; Portugal comes alive with the festivals in celebration of the three Catholic saints. You will find parades, traditional street dances, and much more. The Portuguese really love their festivals! Since Portugal's history is Catholic; they celebrate a many saints all year round.

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4. The Beautiful Beaches

There are over 100 beaches in Portugal all along the west coats, you will find beautiful beaches in Algarve, Comporta and Figueirinha. Be aware that the water might be cold since it's the Atlantic ocean, but you will be rewarded in the end with a beautiful sunset on the ocean.

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5. The Portuguese Venice

Do you want a gondola ride just like Venice in Portugal? Then you should visit Aveiro. Aveiro is a city located on the west coast of Portugal along Ria de Aveiro Lagoon known as the "Portuguese Venice". This city is distinguished by its canals that are navigated by colourful boats which are traditionally used to harvest seaweed.

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6. The Nightlife

Portuguese people know how to party really well, the nightlife in Portugal lasts until the morning. You will find a lot of street bars especially in Lisbon as well as a lot of nightclubs especially in Vilamoura.

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7. It is a Budget Friendly Destination

Portugal is a great destination if you are looking for a budget friendly destination. Portugal has been named one of the bets budget friendly destinations in Europe, and since it is a country rich is history, you will enjoy your trip there and all the history for half the price!

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8. Its Amazing People

Portuguese people are so friendly, kind, and warm. The hospitality of the locals in Portugal is incredible, people will always be happy to help, they will make sure you eat well, and they will make sure you have fun and enjoy your stay there.

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9. The Weather

Portugal has nearly perfect temperatures nearly all year round, it is not too hot during the summer and also not that cold during the winter.

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10. Endless Outdoor Activities

You will not run out of outdoor activities to do in Portugal, the diverse landscape helps mixed with the good weather. You will never want to be inside when visiting Portugal, you will be doing a lot of walking, hiking, climbing, and much more!

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How to Get to Portugal

Portugal’s biggest airport is Humberto Delgado Airport a.k.a. Lisbon’s airport, you will be able to find a lot of international flights that goes there. You can also find other international flights to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport a.k.a. Porto’s airport. I like to use Omio to find either buses or trains, and if you are looking for cheap flights to get to Prague, then your best option would be to use WayAway. You can also use this promo code - TP-385219 - for WayAway Plus or you can directly visit this link! (You will get 10% off WayAway Plus subscription!)

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