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Why You Should Visit Spain: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Spain🇪🇸

Spain is one of the most visited country in the world, each one of its region has its own culture that you can immerse yourself in. Delicious paellas, beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, and scenic coastline, are just a few things that will make you want to visit Spain.


​1. How to Get Your Visa for Spain

​3. How to Get to Spain

​2. 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Spain

How to Get Your Visa for Spain

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Spain

1. Diverse Culture

Each region in Spain has its own culture, so you will fell like you are visiting a different country each time you go to a different region. I mean, some regions speak different language, such as Catalan in Catalonia, Euskera in País Vasco, and many more. The point is, you will love the diversity so much and it will make your trip even more memorable.

2. Beautiful Beaches

Spain has coasts on both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, as well as some famous islands, so it makes it a major destination for amazing beaches. Spain’s beaches aren't only for sunbathing, they are also for surfing, diving, sailing, windsurfing, and water-skiing. So, in conclusion if you love the beaches and the water activities, then you will love Spain.

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3. Delicious Cuisine

Trying new food when traveling is one of the best things to do especially if the cuisine is amazing. Spain has a lot of amazing food to offer. Spanish cuisines is known for being delicious, full of favour, and healthy. Each region has its own national dish, so wherever you go in Spain, you will find a variety of dishes.

4. Stunning Villages

Spain has a lot of hidden gems, especially in the south. Traveling to the south of Spain is like visiting paradise, breathtaking scenery, stunning beaches, and beautiful weather. The beautiful whitewashed villages in Andalucía such as Setenil de Las Bodegas will take your breath away. Visiting the south of Spain is a must!

5. Rich History

Spain has a fascinating history that is well-preserved in its museums and buildings, especially because of the Moorish past. Andalucía once again is the best place to see that history, you get a taste of the Islamic architecture and stunning buildings.

6. Festivals

Spain is famous for its fiestas! It is probable that during your visit to Spain, you will find a festival. Each town/region is Spain has its own festivals, where the locals get together, they dress up, they eat, drink, and enjoy the celebrations.

7. Art & Architecture

Some of the world's famous painters came from Spain such as Francisco de Goya and Pablo Picasso. You can discover a lot of the beautiful art in Spain’s world famous galleries. Spain also has beautiful buildings, you will fall in love with the architecture, because the architecture in Spain encompasses both its rich history and forward-thinking modernism.

8. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Spain has the third most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, with 45 sites in total. Spain is filled with some of the world's most fascinating historical sites as well as cultural. A lot need to be explored in Spain, and with each site you visit you will fall in love even more with the country.

9. Football

Spain has the best team in the world; Real Madrid, and Spaniards love football. So if you visit Spain and have the chance to go to a football game, then you must do so even if you aren't into football that much. It doesn't matter which team of which game you watch, you will love the experience.

10. Beautiful Weather

Spain has long summers, which makes it perfect for your summer trip. The weather depends on the altitude of course as well as the location, but you can escape from the cold winters to the moderate climate in the south of Spain. Point is, you will enjoy the weather and its diversity according to the region you are visiting.

How to Get to Spain

Spain’s biggest airport is Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Airport a.k.a. Madrid’s airport, you will be able to find a lot of international flights that goes there. You can also find other international flights to Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport a.k.a. Barcelona’s airport.

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