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Travel Tips: 6 Best Tips on How to Move Around a New City when Travelling

I love travelling because I get to explore new places and meet new people, and I love to take advantage of every destination I travel to.

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1. Get oriented

If you are traveling somewhere, then for sure you have some places in mind that you want to visit, mark those places on your map. Also, add your accommodation and maybe a few restaurants or cafes, and from there you will get an understanding of the area that you are in and popular locations. Make sure to have both an offline and an online map, in case you don't have internet you still need to find your way around.

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2. Walk

I walk 90% of the time when I travel, this is the best way to get oriented to the city you are traveling to and you also get to discover new places. Don't just go from one place to another, walk, explore, and take it all in.

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3. Take public transport

When you are traveling; it shouldn't just be about reaching your destination, but everything you see along the way. When you take public transportation, you get to see more diverse spots and you get more into the routine of the locals and their routine, and you will get to see some places that most tourists don't know about. The most important thing is that it is cheap to use public transportation.

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4. Use Google Maps

As I mentioned above, mark the spots you want to visit on your Google Maps, this will be really helpful to help you move around easier whether you are walking or taking the public transport.

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5. Take photos as you go

Taking photos as you go is great, not only for the memories but you actually get oriented with the city that way. For example, if you get a photo from a high point of view, then you get to see a large area of the city and get your self more familiar with how the city is like.

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6. Go to the city centre

Yes it will be crowded, but this is where locals will mostly be, this way you get to meet people, ask for things to do, and maybe get into the routine of the locals. You can understand a lot about a city when going to the city centre.

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