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Uncovering Lisbon: Exploring The Top 10 Hidden Gems In Portugal's Vibrant Capital 🇵🇹

Lisbon is Portugal's coastal capital city, it is honestly one of my favourite cities to visit. Lisbon became very popular in recent years, and the reason for that are its authentic trams, its beautiful architecture, and its charming streets. A 3 days trip to Lisbon would be good enough to explore the city, you can of course stay more than that but 3 would be the minimum number of days to be able to explore the city of Lisbon.


10 Hidden Gems In Lisbon

1. Basílica Da Estrela (The Estrela Basilica)

The Estrela Basilica; also called the Royal Basilica and Convent of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is a minor basilica and ancient carmelite convent in Lisbon, it can be seen from far away from many points all over Lisbon. It has a white facade with two bell towers, and it was built in the second half of the 18th century in order to fulfil a vow by Queen Maria I after she gave birth to a son and heir. This should take you less than 15 minutes.

2. Jardim Da Estrela (Estrela Park)

If you are tired of the city, then you can escape all the noise and enjoy some quite time in nature at the Jardim da Estrela. In the Jardim da Estrela; the trees line this landscape garden, and it is filled with plant greenhouses, and in case you have children; there is a kids playground at the park as well. The park is located at the Praça da Estrela near the Basílica da Estrela.

3. LX Factory

This historical industrial complex houses an array of arty retailers & unique restaurants, it is hidden under the Ponte 25 de Abril. This should take you between 30 and 45 minutes.

4. Museu Nacional Do Azulejo (National Tile Museum)

The Museu Nacional do Azulejo is a must see for people who are interested in the history and design of ceramic tiles, as this museum houses an amazing collection of ‘Azulejos’ a.k.a. tiles. I love the tiles in Portugal, and you can see some of them on most of the buildings, and it really is fascinating to learn more about their history at the museum.

5. Graça

Graça is a neighbourhood in Lisbon and it is one of the highest neighbourhoods there, so this means that you can get a great view of the city of Lisbon from many places, and these places are called Miradouro a.k.a. veiwpoints. Graça has two of the most popular viewpoint in Lisbon, and they are Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (commonly known as Miradouro da Graça) and Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

6. Miradouro Da Graça

Miradouro da Graça; also known as Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, as mentioned above, it is located in Graça which is one of the highest neighbourhoods in Lisbon. So, if you want a great view of the city of Lisbon, or want to watch the sunset, then this is the place for you.

7. Palácio Dos Marqueses De Fronteira (Palace Of The Marquesses Of Fronteira)

The Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira is one of the most beautiful 17th century monuments in Lisbon, as it holds the largest collection from the 17th century of Azulejos. The palace is really beautiful and you can get to discover the significant art collection located there, that is spread magically around its halls and gardens.

8. Feira Da Ladra - Mercado De Santa Clara

The Feira da Ladra; or commonly known as Mercado de Santa Clara, is a flea market in Lisbon, and it has the most popular used objects in Lisbon. Fun fact is that it is knows as the ‘Thieves' Market’, because in Portuguese ‘ladra’ means a woman thief, but it is actually derived from "ladro"; which means a bug or a flea found in antiques. Don’t worry, everything is legal there and the traders are there legally as well 😂

9. Jardim Do Torel (Torel Park)

If you want to once again escape the city and its noise, you can go to the Jardim do Torel, which is a relaxed and quiet park that offers a great view of both the city and the water. You can also find a swimming pool there and a sandy beach.

10. Museu Coleção Berardo (Berardo Collection Museum)

The Museu Coleção Berardo was a museum of modern and contemporary art in Belém, but it was replaced by the Centro Cultural de Belém in January 2023, which is very recent. You can still find exhibitions but you will need to check their website for timings.


What To Do Before Travelling To Portugal

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How To Get To Lisbon

Direct flights to Lisbon are available from all over Europe as well as the rest of the world, Lisbon’s International Airport is easy to reach from all over the world, so you won’t struggle to find flights. Lisbon is easy to reach for international travellers so you won’t have to worry. You can use WayAway to find cheap flights.

You can also easily get there by train or buses, and I like to use Omio to book both of these whenever I am travelling in Europe.


How To Move Around Lisbon

When it comes to getting around Lisbon, public transportation such as the bus, the metro, and the train are available all over Lisbon, you can get a reusable paper VivaViagem card at a station and then top it up  for every trip and it can be used through the entire city. It is also better to get a transportation when going uphill and then walk downhill to enjoy the city. Uber and Taxify are also a great option and not expensive, but public transportation is cheaper. Scooters are also available through apps such as Lime, Tier, or Wind and they are a quick way to get around the city, but you have to be 18 or older to use them.


Best Time to Visit Lisbon

The best times to travel Lisbon would be between September and November, or March and May. During these two periods the weather is nice and cool, and it is going to be less crowded compared to other times. High seasons months are July and August, which means the streets are much more crowded than usual and the accommodation prices are higher as well. If you are a fan of festival, then June is the month for you. June is the month of festivals in Lisbon so it would be a perfect time to visit.


Accommodations In Lisbon

The best neighbourhoods to stay in are Barrio Alto and Alfama when it comes to the old town, or Baixa and Chiado when it comes to the centre. The old town is quieter the entire day in comparison to the centre but is more hilly.

You can book your accommodation through, which is the one I use the most, or if you wan to stay in a hostel you can book through HostelWorld. You can also use Agoda, Trivago, or Vrbo to book your accommodations. I know most people have a favourite website or app to use, so just choose what you prefer best.


Best Cafes & Restaurants In Lisbon

  • Organi Chiado (Gluten-free options, vegan friendly, Mediterranean)

  • Yallah Lisboa (Vegan friendly, Middle Eastern cuisine)

  • Focaccia In Giro (Vegan friendly, Italian cuisine)

  • Scoop 'N Dough (Vegan friendly, American & International, best doughnuts & ice cream)

  • Eight The Health Lounge (Gluten-free options, vegan friendly, European)

If you wan to find more cafes & restaurants to try, then you can do so through TripAdvisor.



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