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Stop Dream, Start Planning: 5 Essential Travel Budget Tips 💸

If you are travelling for a short period of time or during the weekend, then it shouldn't be an issue to save money during this trip, but if you are traveling for longer, then you will need a budget.


5 Top Tips On How To Plan A Travel Budget

1. Create A Budget

This is an easy first step to know how much you can save for travelling, there are a lot of great places around the world that are budget friendly, once you have a goal in mind and know the places to want to visit, then you can start creating a budget.

2. Create A Savings Account

Having a separate account is ideal so you don't take money out of it, this way you will forget that that money exists. Have an amount of money that can be automatically transferred to that account every month so that you don't have to worry about it, even if it's just a small amount of money it will still be helpful.

3. Narrow Down Your Subscriptions

This is another great and easy way to save money, you probably don't need all your subscriptions and you will find that are some that you don't use that often. This also doesn't have to be online subscriptions only, you can for example cancel your gym Membership and start working out at home more often.

4. Eat Out Less Frequently

Eating out or getting takeaways will be more expensive that cooking at home, so try eating out less frequently and start eating home cooked meals. I am not saying to not do it at all, but try meal prepping for example and maybe eat out only on weekends.

5. Sell Things You Don't Use Anymore

We all have things lying around in our house that we don't use anymore, you can start selling them. You will find a lot of places where you can sell them, for example Ebay, Facebook Marketplace or have a garage sale. You can sell anything from clothes to furniture.

If you are in Egypt and you want to sell your clothes, then you can do so through Dabchy, and outside of Egypt you can use Depop in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy. In Egypt you can also use dubizzle to sell most things.


What To Do Before Travelling Anywhere

🪪 Get Your Visa

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📱 Buy A Travel SIM-Card

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🔒 Choose Insurance

Ensure peace of mind during your trip to your destination by having comprehensive coverage against any unforeseen circumstances.



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