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Why You Should Visit Cascais: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cascais, Portugal🇵🇹

Cascais is a coastal resort town near Lisbon, it is filled with beautiful white houses, flower filled streets, and amazing beaches. It is Lisbon's residents weekend or holiday escape. Cascais is connected to both Lisbon and Sintra, so it is easy to go on a day trip from any of them.

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​1. How to Get Your Visa for Portugal

5. Best Time to Visit Cascais

2. 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cascais

​6. Accommodations in Cascais

3. How to Get to Cascais

​7. Best Cafes & Restaurants in Cascais

4. How to Move Around Cascais

How to Get Your Visa for Portugal

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cascais

1. The Lovely Weather

The weather in Portugal in general is great, but the weather in Cascais is nice during the summer. It is sunny and really hot in both Spring and Summer, so it is a great time to visit. So, if you are someone who loves outdoor activities or spending time in the sun, then Cascais is a great destination for you.

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2. The Beautiful Beaches

Cascais has some amazing beaches for you to enjoy since it is located on the west side of Portugal. Besides swimming, you will find some fun water activities to do as well, but be aware that since this is the ocean, the water is freezing during Autumn and Winter.

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3. The Golden Triangle (O Triângulo Dourado)

The Golden Triangle is the name of Lisbon, Sintra, and Cascais, these three are at a distance of 20 minutes from each other, so it is easy to move between them. So, if you are visiting one of them, you can easily visit the other two, it is ideal to stay in Lisbon and go on day trips to Sintra and Cascais.

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4. The Amazing Nature

Cascais has a beautiful nature, it can be seen in its urban gardens as well as the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, and the beautiful roads that connects Cascais Marina to Guincho, and not to mention the beautiful beaches.

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5. The Hospitality

Portuguese people are so friendly, kind, and warm. The hospitality of the locals in Portugal is incredible, people will always be happy to help, they will make sure you eat well, and they will make sure you have fun and enjoy your stay there.

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6. Shopping

Local boutiques in Cascais are amazing and if you are someone who enjoy shopping in general, then you will love it there for sure. You will be able to find a lot of great souvenirs to buy from these boutiques, as well as Portuguese clothings, soaps, and bath products.

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7. Enjoy the Freshly Caught Seafood

Portugal in general is known for its amazing seafood, Cascais was known for being a fishing town, but now it is mainly a vacation town but yet kept its fundamentals as being a fishing town. You can enjoy the restaurants there that offer Portugueses fish dishes such as bacalhau, octopus, seafood stews, and grilled fish.

8. Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca forms the westernmost point of the Sintra Mountain range as well as Portugal and Europe. There is a lighthouse at this edge that watches over the cliffs and the rough ocean. Take a walk and be prepared for a panoramic view over the Atlantic ocean. Cabo da Roca is a great place to visit whether in Cascais or Sintra, you can reach Cabo da Roca by taking bus line 403.

9. Boca do Inferno

Boca do Inferno or Hell's Mouth; is sensational location. There was a cave at that location before but it fell through which left behind a big hole in the cliffs. Because of that hole, the water nowadays hit under the arch and then explodes out of the hole, which is similar to a volcano and it's the reason it is called Hell's Mouth. It takes 20 minute to walk from the town centre to it, the best time to visit this spot is at sunset.

10. Santa Marta Lighthouse

The Santa Marta Lighthouse looks stunning as it is a white lighthouse decorated with blue strips, it was build on the grounds of an old fort which is now a small lighthouse museum. Opening hours varies, it is closed on Mondays, but then on the Weekend it is open from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00, also it is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

How to Get to Cascais

Cascais can be reached easily from Lisbon, you can take the train from Lisbon which takes around 30 minutes. Train leaves every 10 minutes so make sure to book your ticket at the station and hop-on as there is no seat reservation. I like to use Omio to find either buses or trains in Europe, and if I am looking for a flight I would use WayAway to find cheap flights. You can also use this promo code - TP-385219 - for WayAway Plus or you can directly visit this link! (You will get 10% off WayAway Plus subscription!)

How to Move Around Cascais

Once you reach Cascais you can explore on foot, there is no need for transportation inside Cascais, but if you love cycling then you can explore Cascais cycling. If you are arriving in Cascais by car then you will easily find a lot of suitable parking spots and continue exploring on foot.

Best Time to Visit Cascais

Cascais is very busy during the summer times, which is why the best times to visit is during Spring specifically late spring, as well as early summer, before the holidays begin. During this time the weather will be warm and nice but the water will be cold all the time as Cascais sits at the mouth of river Tagus which is the opening of the Atlantic sea.

Accommodations in Cascais

As mentioned, it only takes 30 minutes to get from Lisbon to Cascais you can easily go on a day trip from Lisbon if you are there and then go back in the afternoon. If you want to spend more that a day in Cascais then choose a hotel that is on the coastline or an Airbnb.

Best Cafes & Restaurants in Cascais

  • Roots Cafe (Gluten-free options, vegan friendly)

  • Bubbles & Bites (Gluten-free options, vegan friendly)

  • Cafe Galeria House of Wonders (Vegan friendly)

  • Tanah Vegan Fun Food (Vegan friendly)

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